About us


CRAIM aims to be the benchmark in hazardous substance risk management, within the scope of sustainable development, by applying rigorous, responsible and concerted


To develop rigorous tools and methods that provide responsible management of risks related to dangerous substances.

To promote and support a culture of collaboration between all stakeholders to effectively manage the risks involving dangerous substances.

To foster, with stakeholders, a reduction in the risks of major technological accidents through the implementation of appropriate prevention, preparedness, response and recovery measures


The main objective of CRAIM is to create a group of experts (municipal, industrial and governmental) in the field of industrial risk management, to develop tools for responders.

CRAIM can also make presentations to various levels of government to assist in the implementation of effective and realistic regulations in the field of industrial risk management.

Finally, CRAIM prepares and offers training programs corresponding to the needs and particular development dynamics of municipalities and industries in the technological risks field.