Creating a resilient society against technological risks

Dear members,

It is with renewed pleasure that I assume the presidency of CRAIM for one more year. This responsibility still inspires me as much as it had in the first year that I was accepted it. The challenges surrounding technological risk management remain and I am glad to be supported by my colleagues on the Board of Directors and particularly by the members of the Executive Committee. I would like to thank them for their renewed support.

The previous year was marked by the coming into force of the federal government’s new Environmental Emergency Regulations (EER) and by the publication of its technical guidelines at the end of the year. CRAIM has had the opportunity to comment these guidelines and we hope that an amended version will be published soon. We remind you that the English version of our guide was produced thanks to a major contribution from Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) and that our guide is referenced in the technical guidelines of the EER. This referencing would explain the marked interest for the English version of the Guide, elsewhere in Canada. We can also count on an English and French website, which should strengthen its influence.

CRAIM also took advantage of its annual general meeting, held in January, to highlight the exceptional contribution of one of its colleagues and friend, Mr. Robert Reiss. Mr. Reiss has been a member of CRAIM for over 25 years and is the main author of our Guide. He will now take some personal time and we look forward to his eventual will return to the CRAIM.

As you know, we are facing a challenge that we have never witnessed before. The authorities are asking us to stand together and to be resilient and I share this message as well. Several organizations and enterprises are facing major challenges and it is important to ensure the safety and health of everyone. I invite all members, especially those who are still in operation, to maintain a high standard of safety, both in terms of protection against the spread of the virus, but also in the safety of your operations. One can easily neglect technological risk management while focusing on the fight against the pandemic, and this could have major consequences. Be vigilant!

We are convinced that CRAIM and its members will get through this crisis and that we will be able to resume our activities. The rise in the use of alternative means of communication during this period paves the way towards new tools for sharing knowledge. The use of the WEB will become essential for the broadcasting of our workshops and conferences. We will consider developing this niche.

We will continue to collaborate with our partners, including the ministère de la Sécurité Publique (MSP), to share knowledge and good practices, while continuing to support local risk management initiatives, such as CMMI.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events!

Dimitri Tsingakis