What is a JMIC

Major industrial accidents can happen in facilities producing, handling, utilizing, storing or disposing of dangerous substances. The risks present in these facilities can affect the neighboring population, whether living or working in the vicinity.

Fortunately, it is possible to reduce the consequences of these accidents if properly managed. Furthermore, communicating good practices related to emergency preparedness to the population can reduce the impact of such accidents.

In order to improve the safety of its citizens, a municipality and the facilities presenting risks of major industrial accidents who desire to reduce or even eliminate the impacts resulting from an accident, should implement a Joint Municipal Industry Committee (JMIC).

A JMIC is a voluntary participation organization consisting of representatives from various industries, governments and citizens who share their expertise in the evaluation of risks, in their communication and in intervention in case of a major industrial accident in a given territory. Three work groups typically make up a JMIC: Risk Analysis, Preparedness and Intervention, and Communication. The concepts and methodologies proposed by CRAIM serve as a model for the JMIC.

JMIC that are member of CRAIM may use this Web space to facilitate their work, to share good practices, and make themselves more visible. JMIC are invited to contact CRAIM for further information.