Categories of members

CRAIM gathers industries that manufacture, utilize, transport or store dangerous substances, or have activities involving toxic reactions (plastics, wood, tires…) susceptible to generate accidents that could impact outside of their perimeters or harm the population (health, environment, damages): municipalities or groups of municipalities with sensitive areas where risk generating industries are present; public organizations whose roles and responsibilities involve coordination, concertation or support due to their expertise; industrial associations, private organizations such as insurance companies, which are in direct contact with the concerned industrial establishments, citizens who are members of a JMIC, students.

Main member:

Anyone meeting the criteria above can become a member of CRAIM. The first representative of an organization is the “Main member”. This person has the right to vote at the annual meeting of the members and may apply to become a board member.

Additional member:

When several representatives of the same organization want to benefit from CRAIM, they may join as “additional members”. They benefit from the same conditions as a “main member” but are not entitled to vote at the annual meeting of the members, nor apply to become a board member

Citizen member of a JMIC and students:

Citizens who are member of a JMIC and students enjoy reduced membership rates. This category of members enjoys the same benefits as a “main member”