On February 5, 2021, a water treatment plant employee in Oldsmar, Florida, noticed that the cursor was moving strangely on the control computer screen, Initially, there was no concern; the plant used remote access software to allow staff to share screens and troubleshoot IT issues. The supervisor often connected to the operator’s computer to monitor the facility’s systems too. A few hours later, the operator noticed the cursor moving and clicking through the water treatment plant’s controls. Within seconds, the intruder was attempting to change the system’s sodium hydroxide setpoint from 100 parts per million (ppm) to 11,100 ppm. The operator quickly spotted the intrusion and returned the sodium hydroxide to normal levels. Fortunately, there was no impact on the water quality.

A recent ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline shut down the supply of gasoline to the US East Coast for several days.

Your company’s systems are probably connected to the internet and need protection from cyber threats. There are many strategies used by companies to deter cyber threats such as: firewalls, anti virus software and policies to protect against malware and computer viruses .

More people are working remotely; this has increased the opportunities for cyber attacks.

Cyberattacks are real. You are a vital part of the defense!

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